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Classes Running in 2016 and Sport Mod Rules

2016 Classes

We wanted to wait until we had all the guidelines set in stone but since the Wissota meetings are approaching we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to know what we have planned as we have it finalized.  Thanks for racing
IMCA HOBBY STOCKS – former Ncs pures (we are trying to transition the streets to run with this class)
Ncs Mod4s
Ncs Supers

**The hobby stocks are basically our pures with the option of running the same motor they run in sport mods to make moving up easier


SPORT MODS –for 2016 will need to be 100% IMCA -with the EXCEPTION of
*Rear end gears and axels
*Phasing out Front Spindles —meaning when you run out you buy what Imca rules say.… Read the rest

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How to become a favorite driver at a racetrack (allegedly) by KT

There are many drivers out there that feel they always get the short end of the stick or the raw end of the deal. Well I am sorry to be the first to break your entitlement and everyone feel sorry for me bubble but that is just not the case.… Read the rest